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"James of AZ Tv Worx, did a digital antenna install for us on Feb. 11, 2016. First he provided a no obligation evaluation regarding the reception he expected us to receive, and that an attic installation would word fine for us. He gave us an estimate which included all the necessary components and his labor. There were no hidden fees or what ifs. Everything was accomplished in a very professional manner and reception is excellent for all the stations listed on the company's flyer. Now we've cut the cord, and highly recommend this vendor." 

- William Moody, Google

"Can't tell you how grateful I am for down-home honest interaction with this company. James is very knowledgeable very kind and didn't try to upgrade anything. I appreciate this company very much and will do business with them again. Very fair rates. Thanks again James for your time you were a delight."

- Tina Harris, Google

"This is an excellent company. The service that James provides in installing HD TV antennas in great. The picture quality beats anything that Cable, Dish, and Direct TV can provide, plus it is free! We are very satisfied with the installation and the free OTA channels for all major broadcast networks. Thank you, James."

- Tim Ballard, Facebook

"Service provided same day I called and at charge identified in advance. Choice of rebuilt or new part provided following day. New part received and installed one week later, again at charge agreed upon in advance.
I would not hesitate to use this service again."

- Joel Z., Yelp

"Excellent product, great, hard working, and honest service. James gave us an accurate upfront estimate. Even though the HD antenna installation through our small attic was more difficult than expected, the original estimate was spot on and very reasonable. Through a lot of hard work and technical know how, as well as respecting the wife's desire for aesthetics, we ended up with all available 39 channels and the HD picture is amazing. OTA is uncompressed and therefore clearer than cable/satellite and oh by the way - free! 
If you are a cable cutter this is totally worth the up front investment. We highly recommend AZ TV Worx - they really know their stuff and based on our experience will do their best to get you as many channels as your location will allow."

- B. J., Yelp

"I have used James Todd's services about 3-4 times for our second residence on Spruce Mt. I cannot say enuf good things - and NO negatives - about him. He does not charge a premium for heading two miles up a mountain road, but does premium Work. He has improved the complicated (and formerly) tangled mess of my stereo system, strengthened a fragile HDMI input of an expensive cable that stretched across the house, put in a ring doorbell system, added components, etc. with true professionalism. He is knowledgeable and quick, as well as eminently pleasant ALL the time. I have never had to call him back to correct anything he has done. I only wish he was close to the Phoenix area!! He is a keeper. Yelp - he deserves 5 1/2 stars!" 

- Joe S., Yelp
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